No news is not bad news

Well. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Let me clear some cobwebs and blow enough dust away to find a spot for a new post. A hiatus from posting generally means either a lot is happening, or nothing is happening. I’m happy to report it’s the former.

Had a great time at Boskone with my VPeeps, wading through slush both literal and figurative. In two days I leave for San Antonio, for what promises to be more of the same good times (minus the ice and snow). And less than a month later I’m off to a writing retreat in Philly. I’m hoping to wedge in a few days in NYC on that trip, because why pass up an opportunity to hang out in the Big Apple.

On the writing front, I’m knee deep in the bloodletting process known as the final draft of In Cahoots. I’m not being gentle. And I’m trying to ignore the other shiny long-form projects until I can start sending this one out. Progress is being made. I’ve managed to throw in a couple of shorts, one of which I’ve had to shelve as it seems to be morphing into another Long Thing. I’m hoping to dive into that one again once I’ve controlled the bleeding of its predecessor.

So, things are happening. Just nothing terribly exciting to report these days. Hopefully I’ll have some tidbits from Paradise Lost 4 after this weekend. See you on the other side!