Rolling into Spring

Surprise! I’m still managing to be productive. Just finished a revision on a story I think is now ready to enter the submission game. I’m also continuing research and plugging away on a rough draft of my latest novel. Meanwhile, back on the Penumbra eMag blog, I’m sharing my thoughts on why I write speculative fiction. And I just received word that there will be at least four, possibly five VPXIII alumni at Paradise Lost in April. This is officially awesome news.

In another corner of the interwebs, the Nebula Award nominees for 2012 have been announced.  The Nebula Awards weekend will be held May 16-19th in San Jose, with an author autograph signing on the 17th. Tempting, considering the short drive from here.

Some online have the nerve to complain that the nominations are too diverse, with special contempt reserved for all the women nominees (Read the comments. I know, I know, never read the comments.) I find it hard to believe that anyone would complain about more good fiction from women. Not to mention they’ve proven vital to the genre from the beginning. What genre story is more famous than Frankenstein? Who hasn’t read Andre Norton, C.J. Cherryh, Ursula LeGuin, or watched D.C. Fontana? And while we’re at it, that male writer you like so much has likely been edited by Ellen Datlow, Cat Valente or Lynne M. Thomas. It is to scratch one’s head.


The beat goes on

Last Friday, my story was published in Penumbra’s new issue. The following day, I received a rejection slip. In other words, things are back to normal in record time!  No time to belabor either, however.  I just received feedback on another piece from a beta reader with some excellent observations, and I still have to carve out a 5k slice from my latest manuscript to submit to the Paradise Lost critique circle. The roller coaster continues, and keeping busy is probably the best way to keep from worrying too much.

To that end, I also have a new guest post up at the Penumbra blog. It’s about lessons learned, and some I’m still trying to learn. May it prove useful to share the wisdom I’ve been given by others.



No more room in hell

The day of the dead is officially here!  Today marks the release of Penumbra’s February issue (Zombie Apocalypse theme), featuring a short story by none other than… me! Woo hoo!

To celebrate, I decided to whip up a bonus feature of sorts.  Attached below is my brand spankin’ new mix dedicated to the classic zombie film, Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.  It features a track from the amazing soundtrack by Italian prog-rockers Goblin. The inspired music stands as Dario Argento’s greatest contribution to the film… well, other than financing the whole thing.  One of these days I’ll post about why it’s one of my all-time favorite films.  For now, turn up the volume and enjoy.

EDIT: If the SoundCloud widget above fails to load, as it apparently does on some platforms, the direct link is here.

And while you’re at it, pick up Penumbra and read a batch of great zombie stories that strive to do something a bit different with the genre.

Selling Bleeding Heartland was a singular milestone for me.  My internal editor often struggles with short fiction, so it’s nice to be acknowledged for a such a concise story.  This was my first submission after a directionless hiatus, and I discovered the call for entries with a day or two to spare for a hasty edit. It’s an extensive reworking of a short that was intended for a zombine zine that, unfortunately, failed to rise from the dead.  (Chia, it’s time to publish your excellent prequel as well!)

It’s a good day to die. And live again.


The apocalypse is coming!

Feb13Cover-500Well, here it is: the cover of next month’s Penumbra eMag, featuring me!  Yep, there’s my name, right on the cover.  The theme is, of course, Zombie Apocalypse.  It’s the best kind of apocalypse!

The release date is February 1st, or next Friday if you prefer. You can purchase directly from the Musa Publishing site, or find it at Barnes & Noble,, and in the iTunes store through the Magzter app. I will provide links to those sources once they become available.  Because, you know, you should totally buy it.  And let me know what you think!

A sale for the new year

Here’s an invaluable writing tip:  you can’t get published if you submit nothing!  After an epic hiatus, I’ve started sending out manuscripts again.  Lo and behold, my story Bleeding Heartland will appear in the February issue of Penumbra eMag!  Not only that, but the acting editor for the issue is fellow VP alum Brandie Tarvin!  Can’t get any cooler than that.

This is the story I was in the process of  selling to Revenant magazine, before they went belly-up after Issue Zero.  (Perhaps starting with zero triggered the curse.)  The current revision is a vast improvement, so it’s all for the best.

Much excitement!