Three tomatoes are walking down the street

Continued slippage!  I’m becoming more infrequent with my updates here, and I shall try to rectify that. At least it’s for a set of good reasons, the most important being preparation for Paradise Lost III this weekend.  Yes, it’s finally arrived. I’ll be in San Antonio tomorrow afternoon and commiserating with fellow VP alumni.  I’m looking forward to a good time with a group of talented writers.

Meanwhile, have a jumble of random musings that I should have been posting all week, served up stream-of-consciousness style!

What a terrible week for all media. First the dreadful news about Iain M. Banks. Sickness is upsetting in any circumstance, but I’m especially saddened that he won’t be serving as the Guest of Honor at LonCon3, which I am already planning to attend. My heart goes out to a giant in the field. Unfortunately that was merely the opening event: Roger Ebert and Carmine Infantino both passed away, leaving their own voids behind. Never one to be outdone, the Iron Lady herself rounded out the week of doom, though reactions to her passing are decidedly more mixed. Russell Brand, of all people, delivered perhaps the most fitting sendoff to Maggie in the Guardian. Hopefully we’re done with the bad news for this cycle.

Politicians keep insisting that corporations are people, too, so I’ll also throw in an obituary for LucasArts. A bit of a shame that The Mouse appears to have no stomach for adventure games, as the genre appears to be on the verge of a comeback thanks largely to indie developers. We’ll always have Steam!

In better news, Christina Blanch’s Gender Through Comic Books MOOC is into its second week (that’s Massive Open Online Course for the buzzword-challenged), and it’s off to a rousing start. Awesome stuff. I have no idea if it’s still open for registration, but if so you should definitely join. I plan to post more about it after the long weekend away.

See you in San Antonio!