Google Docs revisited

In my continued quest for the perfect setup, I’ve tried just about every writing program available.  I tend to try them out for a while, discover some deal breaking feature (or lack thereof) and eventually return to using Word.  It gets the job done, and spits out everything in all the industry standard formats without complaint.  But it often feels like the UI can’t get out of its own way.  I’ve never liked the whole “ribbon” concept.  Why does the ribbon always seem to display every icon except for the one I need at any given time?

This time my software wanderlust has led me to give Google Docs a shot again.  I’d tried it a couple of years back, and found it to be a competent letter writer but way too basic for any serious manuscript editing.  Suffice it to say that Google has improved the hell out of their whole suite of productivity apps.  The biggest change for the better is that it’s now merged with Drive, Google’s {buzzword} cloud {/buzzword} storage system.  This is terrific, as I can now read and edit manuscripts in one location, from any available computer.  This includes my phone and Android tablet.  The word processor is still about as spartan as they come, but it’s no longer missing any major features that are needed when working in standard manuscript format.  Google continues to err on the side of business users while not providing much customization for formatting novels and short stories (such as the dreaded “no page number on the first page” conundrum).  Still, the whole “write once, edit anywhere” setup trumps the other concerns.

For now.  We’ll see in a few weeks.