E’ville Tracks

Meant to include this with that last post, my E’ville post mortem, and clean forgot. Here’s a quick playlist of some of the invented tracks for background music: a silly version of the Unreliable Theme Song that sounds more ’50s rockabilly than Jazz Age, but whatever; Derin Kivaner performing an original torch song with the C Sharp Lounge house band; a cover of a traditional Irish tune that became better known as an American folk song–that I updated to Gold Rush California (It keeps moving farther west–“When I first came to Galway/Louisville/Placerville…”); and the Number One song of 1927, made to sound like it’s being broadcast over a crappy old radio.

Was fun to dabble in styles I know very little about. Who knows? Maybe I’ll return to one or all of them. In the meantime, enjoy.