Sleeper agent activated

So, it’s 2017. I’d rejoice at the end of the shittiest year in recent memory if not for the expectation that this one will only suck more. I’d dearly love to be proven wrong, but all signs point to being hours and hours from dawn.

Those who know me well will tell you I’m an agreeable person. (Well, most of them!) I abhor conflict and go out of my way to get along with whomever I can. But I can’t deny this year has broken something fundamental inside me. My faith that people are by and large inherently good? Gone. Whoosh. I’ll continue to seek out the good-natured and sympathetic–and they are still legion–but I now realize that decorum and civility are wasted on a growing number, and I won’t bother if not met halfway. Or even a quarter of the way.

I’ve resisted blogging about the election while I gather my thoughts, but I think enough time has passed that I can avoid hammering out a rage-induced screed. Doesn’t mean the anger has subsided. My disappointment in the human race extends beyond the impending Trumpocalypse, which appears to be but one symptom of a rising fascist tide across the globe. Now that a couple of months have passed, I’ve begun to figure out how to keep from immolating in anger. I’ve been catalyzed into action, because it’s too dangerous to look the other way. Nothing is normal about the relentless tide of racism, misogyny and disrespect now days away from our highest office. And I won’t accept it as normal. I simply can’t.

My plans are in flight, but I can tell you what to expect from here on out. I won’t be looking away when something really fucked up happens, simply because that’s the comfortable route. So, let’s try and salvage what we can from the coming months, shall we? If, like me, you’re searching for productive ways to restore normalcy, here are a few links I’ve found helpful. See you in the trenches.

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