100% humidity

Tomorrow morning– or maybe later tonight, since it will be early enough to introduce ambiquity– I will be off once more to the Pacific Northwest! This time I’m headed to Sasquan, the 73rd Worldcon, in Spokane, WA. Even better, I just received my Known Traveler ID, which with any luck will keep me from the shoe-removing, laptop-unpacking Hell Lines at airport security. It’s the little things. Anyway, I look forward to reconnecting with friends and acquaintances– especially from Viable Paradise, Taos Toolbox and Codex– and making new ones. I even have another author pitch scheduled. So, a full but potentially fun week.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Walking the Highline!

As intimated in my last post, August continues to be a crazy month. So crazy, in fact, that I realize I never checked in here after the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York. I have nothing but good things to say about the whole trip, aside from maybe the subway swelter and the sudden downpour that gave us a surprise soaking out in the middle of the East Village. But hey, it’s all part of the experience. The sightseeing rocked, courtesy of my fellow writer-types. And the conference itself was, like the SFWC earlier this year, a kick in the pants. In a good way. I highly recommend it if you find yourself anywhere near. Excellent guest speakers, lots to see and learn, and quite a few nibbles from the Pitch Slam. Whether any of it pans out or not, I’m glad for the experience.

11813340_10153073410171452_4547163991010849673_n (1)

The mighty hunter.

But that’s not all! According to the dogsitter, while I was away my hound chased down and (quote) “killed the sh!t out of” a nasty, flea-ridden possum that had been terrorizing the neighborhood. The sitter was quite happy and let him howl all he wanted after that.

And now it’s off to another adventure.