Reading tonight in San Francisco

This is a bit last-minute, but if you find yourself in downtown San Francisco this evening and at loose ends…

I’ll be participating in the Dark Tales reading for Left Coast Writers at the Book Passage store at the Ferry Building. I’ll be reading along with the several other local writers in an effort to gear up for Halloween. It’s October, y’all. How did that happen?

More info on the event can be found on the Book Passage website. See you there?

SFF Reviews reads Deleted Scenes

Over at SFF Reviews, Sara L. Uckelman has been reviewing the entire table of contents from Abandoned Places. And she liked my story!

I really enjoyed this story-within-a-story-within-a-story, a story that balances upon the precipice between romance and horror. It is only the deleted scenes that determine which it is.

Check out all of her reviews. It’s wonderful she connected with so many of our little tales.

Lily Cat on Stuff

Turns out tomorrow (Sunday, March 18th) I will be live on FCCFree Radio‘s Lily Cat on Stuff program, from 12pm to 2pm PST in San Francisco. We’ll be discussing Abandoned Places as well as my own writing, and–who knows? Maybe more surprises.

You don’t have to be in SF to participate! The program will be streaming online, and you can call in to participate at 415-829-2980 during the live show. And if you miss it all, a podcast will be available after the fact.


Abandoned Places is now available

one_flyerIt’s here at last, the anthology I co-edited with George R. Galuschak. Abandoned Places features twenty-one stories by a variety of authors from beloved veterans to breakthrough writers. My story, Deleted Scenes, is also included therein. Exciting times!

It’s been a lot of work and lot of fun. For details of the process over the past few weeks, check out the new episode of Unreliable Narrators dedicated to the anthology. If you’re in the Bay Area, join us at one of two signings (or both!). Details are here.

May you all enjoy reading it as much as George and I did putting it together.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned PlacesThe bag is out of the cat! Or something like that.

The press release is finally live for the anthology I co-edited with George R. Galuschak. It’s called Abandoned Places, and it’s more fun than a roll of Smarties. We’ll be pushing out more info as the day approaches (March 9, as in the first day of FOGCon!), including Table of Contents, story inspirations and anything else we can think to hurl at you.

So now you know what I’ve been up to these past few months.

Comics and comments

You may have heard about the recent dust-up over Marvel’s comments on diversity killing their sales. As someoene who’s been reading comics for most of my life, I have opinions on the matter. And so does my pal George Galuschak! We have shared them as an Unreliable Narrators podcast, so no need to rehash here. Suffice it to say that the industry suffers from a plethora of ongoing issues, and too much diversity ain’t one of them.

Check it out on the UN site–or here, I’ll make it easy for you.

Boskone breakdown

This past weekend I traded biblical rains and landslides for ice, snow and surprisingly moderate temperatures at Boskone. This is my favorite East Coast con for several reasons, not the least of which is an opportunity to hobnob with Chia and George–the other coastal elites of the Unreliable Narrators–as well as other friends and cohorts.

A few highlights:

– The hotel. Westin Boston Waterfront is one of the best convention sites around: clean and modern rooms, a spacious lobby and bar, several decent restaurants and plenty of conference space. Relieves the downside of sitting in a quiet and uneventful part of town.

– Several lively panels. Hearing Brandon Sanderson, Charles Stross and Walter Jon Williams discuss their toughest books was highly entertaining. And moderator extraordinaire Julia Rios even plugged our podcast and drama series during her panel on podcasting.

– The horror contingent. A small but closeknit group of horror authors provided lively discussions of horror in literature and on the silver screen. They even showed up for each other at the Kaffeeklatches. Other genres, take note.

– The flash fiction slam. Three of the Narrators–George,Chia and I–participated in the contest, and George took second place with his tale of disease warfare. Three minutes is… not a lot of time to read a piece.

– Dinner with Walter, Julia and my fellow Narrators. Deconstructed shellfish and onion strings atop every dish (even the fish and chips!) Now we know why it’s called a test kitchen.

So very not a highlight: the three-hour delay into Boston and the two-hour delay returning home. This follows a four-hour stretch of boredom in Chicago on my last trip. Yeah, I think I’m done with United. This is not the sort of thing I’m interested in becoming business as usual.

Thanks, Boston. I’m sure we’ll meet again before long. And damn, was it nice not hearing about our orange dystopia for a few days.

E’ville Tracks

Meant to include this with that last post, my E’ville post mortem, and clean forgot. Here’s a quick playlist of some of the invented tracks for background music: a silly version of the Unreliable Theme Song that sounds more ’50s rockabilly than Jazz Age, but whatever; Derin Kivaner performing an original torch song with the C Sharp Lounge house band; a cover of a traditional Irish tune that became better known as an American folk song–that I updated to Gold Rush California (It keeps moving farther west–“When I first came to Galway/Louisville/Placerville…”); and the Number One song of 1927, made to sound like it’s being broadcast over a crappy old radio.

Was fun to dabble in styles I know very little about. Who knows? Maybe I’ll return to one or all of them. In the meantime, enjoy.